| Michigan has finally passed a law that will create commercial licenses for medical marijuana businesses. These businesses will include commercial cultivation, dispensaries, marijuana infused processors, secure transportation and marijuana testing facilities. The expert attorneys of the Cannabis Legal Group will educate you on how to start, operate and protect your business in operation under the Medical Marijuana Act and the new Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act.

Topics Covered Include:

– What do I need to do to get licensed?
– How do I start?
– What are the qualifications?
– What are the financial requirements?
– Can I start small?
– What can I do to get started now?
– How many licenses will they offer?
– What types of regulations will be made?
– When will the regulations issue?
– Can one obtain multiple licenses?
– When will they be available?

The Cannabis Legal Group is comprised of a team of attorneys that have experience in obtaining licenses in states like Colorado, Oregon, New York and Illinois. Our lawyers are experts on all related issues including real property, zoning, business entity formation, business planning, contracts and financing.

We have previously conducted this seminar to hundreds of participants who found our information extremely helpful to accomplishing their goals of being included in the marijuana industry in Michigan.



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